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Allotment before

Allotment 45b... before the digging

…and it was full of weeds. It did however, come with some bonuses: in the back left corner is a lovely old lavender bush, healthy and green and in bud. There are two huge Swiss chard plants (see left of photo), lots of orange wall flowers which seem to have seeded themselves, several pretty limnanthes plants (poached egg plants), and lots of clumps of potatoes of unknown variety. These aren’t really so useful as we don’t eat many potatoes. I’m sure there’ll be takers though when they’re ready to dig up!

We also inherited a very useful wooden compost bin (on the right, just out of photo), and a nest of bumble bees! We nearly dug up their little patch, but heard buzzing in time, and have left them to bumble happily.

So, one weekend later, we’ve dug up all the weeds, and started to plant vegetable seedlings. It was too late to sow our own seeds this year, so we just bought ready-sprouted ones from the garden centre. Even Tesco came up trumps with some half-price Elsanta strawberry plants! Yum!

I’m happy to say that once we’d had a bit of rain, the ground stopped resembling concrete quite so much, and revealed itself to be quite soft, fertile soil. We’ll just have to get the rest of the veg planted out now, and keep on top of the weeds!