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On the good news front, my Masters results came through (after some poking of tutors – they’d forgotten all about me) – and I got a distinction! This was a complete surprise, as I thought my thesis was hopeless despite all the hard work, and blood, sweat, and tears I’d poured into it. That resulted in much jumping around the flat and congratulations from friends and family. I think my fiancé was relieved that his patience and all his encouragement paid off in the end! So now I’ve got to squeeze in a graduation ceremony three days before my wedding in July, and in the middle of doing all (yes, all) the flower arrangements. At least with a distinction it’s worth making the effort to go; had I just passed, I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

And the bad news? The solicitors dealing with our house purchase are going to take eeeeeven longer. Well, that wasn’t so much of a surprise. We knew they were useless, and don’t have much choice other than to wait a bit longer, garden-less, and squished into our little flat.

Still, the allotment is a consolation, and being added to daily. I didn’t make it over there yesterday, but Fiancé arrived home from work bearing more strawberry plants, broccoli, lettuce, and artichokes. I shall try wedging some of these into my rucksack later on, and wobbling over on my bicycle. (I’m not a brilliant cyclist, but no doubt practice is improving!) At least I’ve got a helmet now – just don’t ask me to take my hand off the handlebars to indicate!

plant labelsI will also be weighed down by the plant labels I’ve painted. They’re bits of Herefordshire stone I rescued from my Mum’s garden and will be just the right size. Perhaps the extra weight will help me balance!