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The second day of September, and it really feels like Autumn is here. The light was golden yesterday, with a reassuringly warm sun and high wispy clouds in a pale blue sky. I like the early Autumn feeling – surprisingly – of newness; memories of new schools, new classes, and new starts. For me, Autumn feels more like Spring than Spring itself.

We’ve now handed in notice on our little flat, so ready or not, we’re moving into our new house on 30th September – four weeks! Eeeek! The builders are building (mostly), the plumber is absent, and the structural engineer is elusive. We could well be camping under the apple tree at this rate! It might have been a bit pre-emptive to hand in notice so soon, but I think waiting another month would just have been torture. At least if we’re in the new house, I can get on with stripping and sanding wood, and painting walls and window frames. And I’ll be one (very big) step closer to having my own space to paint/draw/write/sew/muse in!

Here’s a couple of photos I took the other day, deep in the Herefordshire countryside while visiting my mum.

Marguerites in the sun

Woody Nightshade berries in all their Autumn glory

These are definitely on my list of things to paint! I love daisy flowers, particularly these big, smiley marguerites  (leucanthemum), and I have long wanted to paint the changing colours of woody nightshade berries. Roll on studio-building…!