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For all my good intentions of updating this blog regularly, I should just acknowledge that it’s not going to happen. Not at the moment anyway. Time flies far too quickly, and I’ve spent the last few weeks either painting furiously or feeling exhausted. Unfortunately it’s not the creative sort of painting that I’m longing to do, but the painting walls sort. Still, we now have a house full of lovely subtle, warm, and vibrant colours. There’s still a bit left to go (won’t there always be?) but the majority of walls are the right colour.

The allotment has rather been abandoned in the past few weeks, but we did get a lovely end of season crop of potatoes, leeks, and carrots. There was one sizeable pumpkin, but the squash didn’t do quite as well – despite crawling across the whole of our plot and attempting to fruit halfway across next door’s. Lots of people have cleared their allotments now, and spread muck to feed the soil. I think the bare plots look rather sad and barren, though I know we should be doing that with ours too. We acquired several bags of rotted horse manure last weekend, so this weekend we’ll be donning wellies and big jumpers and doing a bit of digging. I’m not looking forward to pulling up all the plants; as a flower gardener at heart, it doesn’t seem right to wrench healthy green things out of the ground. Anyhow, next year should be more prosperous for plot 45b, once the frost has broken up the huge lumps of clay, and the manure has done its stuff.

I must admit, I’m quite enjoying the autumn time (it is my favourite season, after all), with its peaceful grey skies and warm, earthy colours. I took some photos in my mum’s garden the other day and the evening sunlight through the flowers and seed heads was stunning.

Perennial wallflowers in the evening sun

I took an awful lot of photos I’m pleased with, so I’ll just include a selection…