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A new year, new start and all that. I haven’t written anything in a while, so thought I’d reflect on 2011, and collect a few aspirations, wishes, and dreams for 2012. Here goes!

2011 achievements (not necessarily in chronological order):

  • Got engaged
  • Got an allotment, and started growing vegetables
  • Graduated from Bangor University with a distinction in my MA Applied Linguistics
  • Bought our house (finally – after starting the process in October 2010!)
  • Renovated our house
  • Got married!
  • Decided I want to be an artist full-time
  • Made plans for extending our new house, and building a studio for me
  • Planned the garden, and started work
  • Enjoyed my new kitchen
  • Started baking more
  • Had our first house guest (Thanks Aunt Jen!)
  • Took lots of photographs
  • Made my first Christmas cake single-handedly!

And my aspirations for 2012:

  • Build my studio
  • Have a pretty garden by summer
  • Get more adventurous with cooking
  • Start painting
  • Draw a picture every day (this is a resolution which I’ve already broken – tut!)
  • Get some art into a gallery by the end of the year
  • Clear out my mum’s garden shed (the rest of her house is fairly presentable now!)
  • Make some money!
  • Grow plants from seed for the allotment
  • Visit the allotment regularly
  • Keep in touch with old friends
  • Make friends in Cheltenham
  • Join a choir
  • Be a nicer person (bit general, but I want to try!)
  • Take (yet) more photographs
  • Bake more
  • Get a dog!
  • Do more exercise (a dog will help!)
  • Do something productive/creative every day

Neither of these are definitive lists, but they’re a start. And I feel more resolved to do these things now that I’ve written them down! I can’t wait to have my studio, and make a mess with paint and charcoal and thread and beads and and and…