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And these beautiful anemone blanda were in my sister-in-law's garden, under the huge old copper beech.

Life is a whirlwind here, and I’m afraid I’ve neglected this blog rather! An update is long overdue, as are some photos of progress. A more detailed update may follow soon, but in the meantime, I can report that the garden is taking shape by the day. The vast expanse of decking is almost all gone, and the herbaceous border dug over and ready to be planted. I built a brick path around one corner of the pond, and have planted up part of that area. There are three archways forming a ‘clematis walk’; a small feeder pond has been dug; the rose border now has roses; the terrace has been cleared, and gravel put down; and the seedlings are all doing well in their little plastic greenhouses. I’ve probably missed a hundred and one other things from that list, but you get the idea. We haven’t stopped! Every spare minute is spent in the garden, and it’s where I should be now had it not started raining.

I’m still a bit short of pictures from our garden, because it’s not very photogenic in its current state! However, these are photos from my mum’s garden in February/early March, which I want to post before they become completely irrelevant.