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I’d almost forgotten I’ve got a blog! I shan’t bother with a proper catch up; suffice it to say that the Husband broke his heel in mid June, and I’ve only just returned to normal life from chauffeur duty and general fetcher-and-carrier.

Several exciting things are worth mentioning though:

The builders have *almost* finished turning the cellar into a snug/tv room…

They’re coming back tomorrow to START ON MY STUDIO!!! I’m enORmously excited about this, and have started doing a billion and one projects in my head before they’ve even laid the foundation stone. Well, the foundation piece of timber…

I’m starting an art course tomorrow, in honour of nearly having a studio. I’m so looking forward to doing some structured art work again, and learning new things.

We’re going back to China next month! So I’ll be able to take all the photos I lost again, since we’re going to Hong Kong for a few days first, then on to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair.

I’m now Christmas buyer for the company. The previous one walked out at an inopportune moment in February, so I stepped up to fill the space. Fortunately, I fitted rather well, so have begun to put together the Christmas selection for 2013, and will do lots more of this at the Canton Fair.

I WILL blog again soon, about all those new and exciting things.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos I took last month:

Marguerites in Mum’s garden

Hobbes waiting for the rain to stop