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Well, another three months have gone by, and brought with them huge changes. I think I ought to change the tag of this blog really, because there’s another ‘new’ to add to the list… A baby! Or at least, if everything goes well, there’ll be a new baby in June 2013. It’s so exciting! And tiring…

I’m just beginning to feel like a human being again, after two and a half months of constant nausea and fatigue. If you’ve never been pregnant, you really can’t appreciate just how exhausted the first trimester makes you feel, nor just how sick. I’ve had stomach bugs, you think, it can’t be any worse than that. Oh yes it can. A stomach bug lasts, what, five days at most? Remove the actual vomiting, and prolong those five days into five, seven, nine weeks, and you get the picture. Food = blearghgh. All of it. Apart from the five minutes you notice you’ve got such bad hunger pangs they’re also making you feel sick. So you eat. And promptly feel sick. But I can happily report that for the past couple of weeks I’ve felt progressively better, so that apart from a bit of fatigue, I only sometimes feel a bit queasy in the evenings before bed. 

The first bit was peculiar, and even more so because I was in China. (It was a good trip, but hampered by the fact I felt so strange!) I felt ok for the first couple of days, but then started feeling decidedly weird – I had a sort of whooshing feeling in my head, and very tingly/sensitive skin. I felt waaaaay more tired than jet lag could account for, and nausea came and went. I put it down to unfamiliar Chinese food, but then started noticing that my sense of smell was in overdrive. Just the smell of Chinese lunch was enough to put me off, and toilets – well, that’s another story! By the time we got back to the UK, I had decided that something was very definitely UP! Discovering I was pregnant was quite a relief in a way, knowing that there was nothing more wrong with me than a bunch of new hormones flooding my system, making me feel quite so strange. 

Fast forward two months, and I had my first scan on Wednesday. It was amazing to see the baby moving and jumping around, it’s definitely busy in there! It also made it more real, and made all the sick-and-tiredness feel more worth it. Which brings me on to care in pregnancy, and the NHS, but I believe there’s a Christmas tree I need to decorate, so I’ll save that post for later. Expect a rant…