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Inspired by a recent post from Words That Can Only Your Own, I gave my bedside table a long overdue spring clean.

I seem to spend a lot of time in bed, or at least on the bed, as it’s the comfiest place to feed the muppet, and if he falls asleep I can gently tuck him in and know that he’s safe and I’ve got an hour or so to myself (or 30 milliseconds as the case may be). So my bedside table gets a lot of use, and frequently becomes a dumping ground for paperwork that needs filing, lists that haven’t been ticked off, toys, pens, half-used tissues… you get the picture.

I did take before and after pictures, but the before picture was so embarrassingly muddly, with my just-woken-up reflection in the mirror behind, that I’m not going to upload them. I can assure you that my bedside table is now tidier, dusted, and the teetering pile of books and papers minimalised.

Here’s my list of bedside table essentials:
Box of tissues – a necessary trapping of parenthood, one in every room
Crochet hook
Scissors – mainly in association with the above, but also for taming the razor blades that grow out of babies’ fingers
Notebook – for writing everything down, to-do lists, baby milestones, shopping, etc etc, because I’ve still got baby brain
Glass of water
Tube of lanolin cream – an essential for every breastfeeding mother
Books – current tomes include Baby-led Weaning, The No-Cry Sleep Solution , Three in a Bed (notice a theme? Ha), and Still Lifee, which I’ve been reading for months and might finally manage to finish this weekend.

Not quite the erudite stack Janet boasts, but to tell the truth, it’s a rare night I have time to read anything before I turn the light out. I might get a couple of pages in, but I’ve learnt the hard way that if i don’t get my head down soon after the muppet does, I’ll regret it in the morning! Or at 2am, or 5am…

In celebration of the Spring equinox yesterday, I’ll leave you with this magnificent blue sky and magnolia tree in our garden:


Happy Spring!