About this blog

I started this blog when there was a lot of change happening in my life, and the word ‘new’ seemed appropriate, as everything from marriage, being a home owner, planting a garden and allotment, was new. Now, I can add parenting to that list! And not least of all, we live on one of the oldest streets in our town, ironically called New Street.

Something struck me the other day — night actually: you know, in those wee small hours when the little warm body next to you is still, and all you can hear is steady gentle breathing (and an occasional snore from the husband!), and yet your own mind is whirring with thoughts and ideas — that every day is a new journey, with new experiences, a new street to walk down. So the thoughts I had of changing this blog’s name to something more appropriate we’re banished, because The New Street is about as appropriate as it gets.


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